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Nutritional Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts and Broccoli Microgreens

Nutritional Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts and Broccoli Microgreens
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Broccoli is widely recognized as a great source of nutrients and most of us probably have some tucked away in our kitchen. However, there is growing evidence that the sprouts of such vegetables are the true nutritional powerhouses.

Broccoli sprouts are essentially young, 3 to 4-day old broccoli plants. They are an even healthier version of broccoli, containing up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterpart. That’s a serious nutritional punch.

The key to the varied health and nutritional benefits of broccoli sprouts and broccoli microgreens lies in an organic compound called sulforaphane. And broccoli sprouts are brimming with it. Sulforaphane is thought to facilitate the release of antioxidants, which can help fight off cancerous cells and improve other conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol and infection.

Broccoli sprouts can be ingested orally to prevent or treat a host of conditions. Alternatively, broccoli sprout extract can be applied to the skin to improve a host of dermatological conditions.

This superfood is increasing in popularity as the hidden gem of the microgreen world. There’s no doubt that broccoli microgreens are a superb way to care for both your mind and body due to their incredible nutritional benefits.
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