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Health Benefits


WHY GROW MICROGREENS – HEALTH BENEFITS OF MICROGREENS. Have you ever heard about microgreens? These tiny vegetables pack a massive punch, full of nutritious vitamins for your health. In this video, we look at the benefits of microgreens.

In this video on Practical Inspiration, we aim to answer the following questions:

what are microgreens
why grow microgreens
what are the benefits of microgreens (or microgreens benefits)
why you should eat microgreens
how to grow microgreens
how microgreens are good in healthy eating
why microgreens are great for a vegan diet
why microgreens are great for a vegetarian diet
what are some of the different types of microgreens, including sunflower microgreens, broccoli microgreens, radish microgreens
what are polyphenols
how polyphenols help you
how microgreens help heart health
how microgreens reduce disease
why microgreens are easy to grow

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