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About- Urban Greens Mission

When thinking about gardening and farming, images of inner-city Detroit, South Central Los Angeles or the Bronx do not normally come to mind. On the contrary, you may envision rolling fields, red barns, and cow pastures.

However, as urban agriculture continues to grow and as the emergence of Micro green gardening takes hold it has opened up a new world of possibilities for humanity.


I founded The Urban Greens Project to bring important information and awareness to inner city communities, communities of color and community gardens projects to help them continue to grow. By aggregating important “how to” articles, videos and content it will help empower communities to become more healthy, self-sustainable and promote general wellness.  In addition, by helping people return to their roots and getting them engaged with their community in a meaningful way it is massive positive for society at large.

The current focus in on expanding our social media presence, community awareness and engaging Ag-Tech organizations to get involved in furthering the vision.

About Me

Current High School student pursuing Technical & Business Interests with bettering humanity in mind.
I’m a Productive person creating my future by continuously learning and developing new skills. With the right mindset and commitment, I believe I can help unlock a positive future for mankind.  In addition, I have founded a SaaS based software website that helps young and underrepresented entrepreneurs better strategize their company launches and branding strategy at little to no cost.

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