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Health Benefits

MICROGREENS: Healthy In A Hurry | Microgreens vs. Sprouts | Microgreen Directory x Taylored Health

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Microgreens are so hot right now! Packing up to 40x the nutrients of their mature counterparts, sprinkling just a little bit of these into your daily diet can do wonders for your health.

Adding microgreens to your diet is a super easy way for the busy bee (you!) to pack in megadoses of nutrients without having to eat heapfuls of veggies each day. Great for parents and kids alike!

0:00​ Intro
1:01 Health benefits of microgreens
2:18 The growing process: soil vs. hydroponics
3:24 Microgreens vs. sprouts
5:37 Where to find microgreens
6:18 Microgreen Directory
8:00 How to eat microgreens
10:38 Take away

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This video, created by Nutritionist Taylor Wessel, is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or replace medical advice or treatment from your primary physician. All viewers are advised to consult with their doctor or qualified health professionals before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program. Thank you!

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