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Growing microgreens on a budget

Growing microgreens doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive! You can use containers you already have, use the sun or an inexpensive grow light and even reuse the soil multiple times. They’ll still turn out great!

If it’s too hot or too cold, if you have no garden or no time to grow greens – microgreens are the perfect solution. This nutrient dense food is ready in +/- a week and requires not weeding!

The most important things:

* Use good seeds. Buying in bulk helps to minimize cost. Buy from trusted microgreen suppliers.
* Start out small. Experiment, then branch out.

* Use good soil

* It’s ok the reuse soil multiple times until you see a decline in growth.

* Provide adequate light, Either outdoor sunlight or indoor LED. If using sunlight, make sure the outdoor temperature fits the plant’s needs. For example: Sprouting radish in Florida in the middle of summer won’t work well, as radish is a winter crop, preferring cooler days.

ENJOY your micros!

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