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Hydroponic microgreen | How to grow microgreen | Indoor Microgreen

Easy and very cheap method to grow microgreen at home. Hydroponic microgreen.
Hydroponic microgreens are a great way to grow fresh, nutrient-packed greens indoors, all year round. Use the freshly harvested microgreens in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, or as a garnish for your dishes.


Other way to grow microgreen:

Outdoor microgreen :

Indoor microgreen:


Need only 5 cheap things. Moong beans/ strainer/ water/paper towel and bowl.

Grow in your home inside the kitchen outside weather doesn’t matter no need any additional lights or sunlight and no soil.
Very very simple to grow. Keep anywhere in the kitchen counter away from stove.
Also you can grow most of the seeds using this method.
Moong is single time crop, After harvest you have to start again from seeds.

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