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Health Benefits

The Amazing Benefits of Microgreens and Sprouts | Chef AJ LIVE! with Perfect Foods

5 DELICIOUS DINNER RECIPES to support your weight loss:

Benefits of microgreens and sprouts, how to sprout and how to make delicious microgreen smoothies in under 5 minutes. Packed with protein and nutrition, microgreens have 20-100 times the nutrients as their adult plants!

Perfect Foods is the world’s premier wheatgrass and microgreen growers, located in Goshen, NY. They have been supplying the highest quality wheatgrass and microgreens for 40 years. Now, since COVID, they are on a mission to lead raw vegan cleanses to educate the masses on how to use these incredible superfoods to support their immune systems and improve their overall health.

They offer:
-Raw Vegan Reset Cleanses
-Fresh & Frozen wheatgrass
-Sprouting Kits

Be sure to follow them on Instagram to join the community:


00:00 Guest introduction and discussion/Q & A on microgreens and sprouts
02:55 Perfect Foods bio and the difference between microgreens and sprouts/Q & A
13:30 Viewer and Chef AJ Q & A
21:00 Perfect Foods Raw Vegan Bundle contribution and microgreens smoothie demo
28:57 Final thoughts and show wrap

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