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How to Grow Cilantro Microgreens – Full Walkthrough – On The Grow

➡️This is our step-by-step guide for growing Cilantro Microgreens with Tips & Tricks along the way!

If you live in a state / place like we do here in Texas, Cilantro is one of the herbs that tends to sell out FAST at grocery stores… especially in the summer and spring time. So, learning how to grow Cilantro yourself can be highly beneficial, in fact cilantro Microgreens are one of the most popular Microgreen Herbs you can grow!

We love using Cilantro on our tacos or mixed into marinades for summer grilling, and the favor is full flavor cilantro! The biggest challenges with growing Cilantro removing the seed hulls and getting even growth.. However we get great results in this video using the no soak method and we share everything we did along the way so that you can succeed with them too!

The two BIGGEST tips we have for you are:
1.) Buy Split seeds NOT whole seeds ➽
2.) No need to soak, instead cover the seeds with a thin layer of grow medium such as soil or coco coir – and make sure you use weight!!

✅ We hope that you enjoy our tutorial for growing cilantro at home or for your business! When making these videos, we take extra care to put out Youtube videos that have the most comprehensive, easy, and in-depth free Microgreens Tutorials that you can find on YouTube, as we do not hide any of our growing techniques, methods, or secrets and we try to be as transparent as we can.

Hope this helps anyone who’s been struggling with this crop!??‍?? And if you want to know even more in depth how to grow microgreens? Our newest book “Becoming a Microgreen Master” is NOW AVAILABLE!!

**For different grow mediums such as grow mats or our reusable microgreen grow medium, different techniques may need to be used to get the exact results, so keep in mind that not all mediums are equal – however, this video will give you a great head start on learning!

We also have MANY other full walk-through grow videos on our YouTube channel for various crop varieties! Thank y’all so much for the support!

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