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Health Benefits

What Makes Microgreens so Healthy and How are they a Superfood?

? Want to eat healthier without putting in the hours of prep time?

If so, then it’s time to incorporate microgreens into your meals!

Hi, we’re Josh and Veronica, your local microgreens farmer. Our business, Taproot Farms LLC, is a small ‘direct to community’ farm that offers home delivery on all orders.

Microgreens are INCREASING in popularity every year and here’s why:

? They are a concentrated nutrient source PACKED with beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes

? Up to 40X more nutritious than their mature counterpart.
(That means eating 1 oz of Broccoli Microgreens is equivalent to eating 3 lbs of full grown broccoli)

? Boosts your immune system

? Improves gut health

? Lowers inflammation

? A great source of Vitamins E, C, and K

? Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants

? Many microgreens are loaded with Beta-Carotene which is good for vision, immunity and overall health

? Versatility – If you want to taste real food and feel real health, we recommend adding them on virtually every meal

Try them on:
ANYTHING you can put salt and pepper on

? And much more! There are now several studies that have proven the numerous health benefits microgreens provide.

❓ Never had microgreens ❓
If you don’t know what to try first, we highly recommend our Variety Pack which has a few of our most popular greens (Broccoli, Sunflower and Pea)!

? If you’re curious about flavor notes, don’t worry, we got you. You can find them listed on our website under each of their item descriptions ?


? We like to reward our supporters. That’s why we offer an automatic savings of over 16% on all subscription orders.

We deliver directly to your home because we know life is busy. We just ask you leave a cooler outside the day of your delivery and we’ll take care of the rest! Save the drive to the grocery store and catch up on your favorite Netflix show, you deserve it ?

❗ Sign up now by clicking the “Subscribe and Save” button on our website ❗


Wait, back up. What ARE microgreens? We’re glad you asked!

✔️ They are the first leaves to emerge from a seed (we call these cotyledons) and are the beginning life cycle of a vegetable. Many people confuse them with sprouts, but trust us, they’re not. Microgreens are grown in soil and harvested above the soil line.

✔️ Basically, they are micro versions of a plant containing a similar taste to their adult counterpart. Imagine all that power and nutrition from a seed, packed into such a tiny green. That is why microgreens are SO powerful and rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

What makes them healthier then regular greens such as Broccoli, Kale or Lettuce?

? Their nutrition is more concentrated

? Their vitamin and antioxidant levels are up to 40X higher than mature greens

? They’re richer in macro and micro minerals

? The list goes on and on…they’re richer in B vitamins, essential amino acids, folate, etc!

Benefits Of Buying Local:

? Always harvested within 24 hours of delivery

? Knowing your grower

? Enhanced shelf life (minimum of 7 days)

? No pesticides or harmful chemicals used, EVER!

? Grown sustainably with less water

? Fresh produce delivered right to your door

Start enjoying the health benefits of microgreens by ordering now
⚡ Subscribe and save over 16% off all orders ⚡

Learn more by visiting taprootfarmsllc.com
Taproot Farms LLC is located in Tinley Park, IL

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