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How to Grow Microgreens: Complete guide including day by day updates!

How to Grow Microgreens

Hey guys, Growing microgreens has been something I have played with over the years, but with the price of greens this winter we have really upped our game. I’m trying now to have one new batch of microgreens grown each week. Today’s video covers the whole process of growing sunflower microgreens from start to finish in only 8 days, including daily updates.

Here’s the link to the True Leaf Market Starter Kit:

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0:00 Introduction
1:55 How long to Grow
2:35 Best Temperature to grow
3:15 True Leaf Starter Kit
5:30 The Process
5:50 Soak Seeds
6:20 Water PH
8:10 Getting the soil ready
9:30 Filling the Tray
10:25 Seeding the Tray
11:30 Soil on Top
12:10 Time in the Dark
14:35 Day-by-day progress
17:15 Add Light
20:20 Harvesting
23:20 Buy The Starter Kit
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