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How to grow MICROGREENS in AGAR GEL | Microgreen Farming | Growing Microgreens without Soil

A couple of months ago I started experimenting growing microgreens. I had stumbled upon a video about it and they were saying that the microgreens contained 4-40 times more nutrition than the actual finished vegetable. It only takes about a week to grow them from soaking the seeds, planting to eating.

It doesn’t get more fresh than that. I grow mine in the kitchen. They look nice and taste good. They are a constant reminder to eat more fiber and make sure that I get at least some vegetables with each meal.

During research I found that there are many ways to grow microgreens. Some grow them in soil while others grow them in coconut fiber or other fibers. I thought it would be better to grow them in some kind of jelly or gel. The microgreen growers were complaining that they need to water them several times per day and so on.

My idea was that if I grow them in a gel I would not need to water them. So I did some research and found that there were people already doing that. They were using something called Agar Agar gel. Agar is a kind of seaweed that they make a powder that when mixed with water and put to boiling creating a jelly when cooled down after.

Vegans are using Agar Agar powder instead of gelatin so it is totally safe to eat and grow in. I bought some powder and found a seed supplier that sells organic seeds in Shanghai. Finding the seed supplier was harder than finding the Agar Agar powder.

My first try with the Agar gel worked perfectly. I started with Red Radish and they were ready to eat within 5 days. In this video I’m growing Red Radish, Broccoli and Chinese Little Greens.

I haven’t used any special lightening while growing my microgreens. They grow perfectly in a light room, either from indirect sunshine or a normal ceiling lamp.

Equipment needed:Seeds, Strainer, Clean water, A bowl or jar to soak the seeds in, Agar Agar powder, A big tray to grow in, Something to cover the tray with

1. Make sure all the equipment you are going to use is clean (to avoid mold etc.)
2. Soak 2-3 tablespoons of seeds in room temperature water for 4-8 hours (or overnight).
3. Wash the seeds in a strainer and let them strain while preparing the rest.
4. Poor 2-3 Liter of water into a clean pan or pot.
5. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Agar Agar powder while the water is still cold/room temperature.
6. Mix the water and Agar powder with a spoon or spatula while it is cold/room temperature.
7. Put the mixture to a boil while stirring once in a while. When it starts to boil you can turn off the heat.
8. I added some red food coloring for fun (not needed if you are a boring adult).
9. Then poor the hot soon to be jelly in the tray.
10. Let it cool down (wait an hour or so).
11. Use a spoon or something else and spread out the seeds on top of the Agar jelly. Try to avoid letting the seeds on top of each other spread them out so they lie side by side.
12. Cover the tray so that they stay dark for the first 3-4 days. Uncover and have a look as often as you feel like. It is almost magical to see how fast they grow.
13. After 3-4 days uncover the microgreens and let them get some indirect sunlight or lamp light. After just an hour or so in light they will start turning green.
14. Wait a couple of days until they grown some more and turned more green.
Enjoy! Use a knife or scissors to cut them. Don’t ́t eat the roots. Wash them before eating. If you know you will not finish all of them on time you can cut them, wash them and then put them in a plastic bag and keep them cold in a refrigerator for a week or so. Don’t ́t eat the microgreens if you find mold. Mold is common so keep a lookout for it. The small white hairy things are not mold that is root hair. Google it and see the difference between mold and root hair. Music:

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How to grow MICROGREENS in AGAR GEL | Microgreen Farming | Growing Microgreens without Soil

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