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Trying Microgreens…Did I just find a new Hobby? Also, my room got a lot darker!

Aren’t these baby greens so darn cute?! This is my first time trying to grow microgreens and I am so happy it was a success! The Broccoli seeds germinated quite fast and the taste is SO rich! You MUST try growing this in your own place!

Bootstrap Farmer Trays / Containers ?
Regular colorful 10×20-
Shallow colorful 10×20-
6-Cell Plug tray inserts-
2.5″ containers colorful-
Trays for 2.5″ containers-
5″ Pots-


Random items I used in this video:
Black Pendant Light –
Black Shelves from DIY Cartel –
Dark brown color paint: Sherwin Williams ESPRESSO


Join this channel to get access to perks:

Hanging Solar Light –
General Fertilizer –
Garden Boots (Yellow)-
Hat I use all the time –
Supercute hummingbird feeder –
Diamond TRELLIS for the wall (I used 2)-

Use this code for a small discount “MARGARITAS”
Hosereel in charcoal –
Solar lights motion activated-

Vloging camera –
DSLR Camera –
External Wireless Mic –
ON-camera Mic –

If you would like to send a note:
PO BOX 733
Cicero, IN 46034

Email – soilandmargaritas@gmail.com
Insta – SoilandMagaritas

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