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How to Grow and Use Microgreens in your kitchen this winter! Lentil and pea micro greens [4k]

This winter, try growing microgreens in your kitchen window – they are so fast and easy to grow with little to no mess. In this video, you’ll see me growing lentil greens as well as starting some pea shoots for stir frys and fresh salads.

For more details and tips, be sure to visit our website www.skinnybeets.com and also find us on Pinterest.

I often re-use food-grade plastic trays for growing microgreens, which works well, especially when just starting out. Soak the seeds for at least 3 hours, rinse them, then sprinkle them in a tray, covered lightly with potting mix. Keep them moist but not soggy and watch them sprout!

I also have a more ‘professional’ set up (two, actually) that I ordered off of Amazon. These don’t require the use of soil. Affiliate links can be found below.

Microgreen 4 level tray:
basic tray:
Organic sproutable peas:
Organic sproutable lentils:

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