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Stunning Triple Radish Mix – Microgreens – How to Grow – Full Walkthrough – On The Grow

➡️What’s more fun than growing one radish microgreen!? How about growing three different varieties at once, in the same tray!?

?In this new full walk-through grow video / How to Grow Microgreen Tutorial, we show you how to make a beautiful triple radish mix tray by using China Rose Radish Microgreens, Rambo Radish Microgreens and Hong Vit Radish Microgreens all on the same 10×20 Bootstrap Farmer Tray, so you can get a beautiful combination of microgreens!

Radish Microgreens are a very popular Microgreen to grow as they can be colorful with a bold Spicy radish flavor that many people love. You can also us this exact grow method to grow each variety of radish microgreens by themselves – however, it’s also go to make Microgreen Salad Mixes like this one here to sell for your business!

We really hope y’all enjoy this video! Best part is you can get creative with how you place the seeds and turn it into micro-art!?‍??‍??

The method that we use in the video is one of many ways that you can get great results when growing Radish Microgreens! ? Many people who have watched this video have since started growing their own produce and starting their own businesses with ease – and so can you! Just remember that for different grow mediums such as grow mats or our reusable microgreen grow medium, different techniques may need to be used to get the exact results, so keep in mind that not all mediums are equal – however, this video will give you a great head start on learning how to grow radish using grow mediums like Coco Coir or Soil!

And if you want to know even more in depth how to grow microgreens? Our newest book “Becoming a Microgreen Master” is NOW AVAILABLE!! ??? It is our ultimate guide to growing microgreens and is a combination of everything we have learned as of 2019 to 2021. (linked below)

We also have MANY other full walk-through grow videos on our YouTube channel for various crop varieties! Thank y’all so much for the support!

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