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Urban Gardening

Shanghai’s First Unmanned Farm – Urban Organic Gardener


NEWS.CGTN.COM – China’s rural development still faces many contradictions and problems, such as the decline of farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain, the increasing difficulty of farmers’ continuous income increase, and the aging of rural areas increasingly serious, the recently released “2020 China Agricultural and Rural Development Report” shows.

Many experts believe the construction of “unmanned farms” can solve this kind of problem by helping reduce labor intensity and improving agricultural production efficiency, while with the rapid development of agricultural science technology and its in-depth application, unmanned farms have become an important hot spot for the country’s development of modern agriculture consequently.

Would you like to see more farms here in the US take this approach combined with organic gardening methods? 

READ THE FULL STORY: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-11-27/Shanghai-s-first-unmanned-farm-VL7XCxJfj2/index.html

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