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How To Grow Microgreens [Small Scale Microgreens Farm Tour] | GroCycle

Want to learn how to grow microgreens? Check out how we grow microgreens on a small scale with this super simple setup.

In this video, Eric shows you the few pieces of equipment that we use in our small scale microgreens farm and talks you through why microgreens are such a great crop.

Then Adam walks you through our weekly process of growing microgreens from sowing the seeds, germinating them, greening up the leaves and then finally to harvesting a fresh crop of microgreens ready for sale.

Learn more about growing microgreens in our Ultimate Guide To Growing Microgreens here:

Ready to start YOUR in-home microgreen farm? In this new training, you’ll discover “How To Make Your First $2K In 30 Days Or Less Using Just 6 sq ft of Space… Without Knowing How To Grow Or Where To Sell!” Click the link below to watch now:

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