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Organic SOIL with TAP WATER or COCOCOIR with NUTRIENT WATER!? – Microgreens Grow

Organic Soil or Cococoir with Ocean Solution as the nutrient?? ? In this new YouTube video we put these growing methods to the test!! When we grew our very first trays of Microgreens EVER, we grew them with a soil we found locally in our small town and we loved it

?But whenever we moved back to the city, we could no longer find that soil which caused us to search for other grow mediums and is how we eventually adopted Cococoir as being our new favorite… However, we recently found the exact same soil we started with and decided to put our current favorite grow method for Microgreens — Cococoir bottom Watered with Ocean Solution against our old first love of Organic Burpee Potting Soil bottom watered with Plain Water!

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