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Black Oil Sunflower Recipes

Black oil sunflower recipes. Best seeds from Todd’s Seeds, click here:

Growing your own microgreens is a cheap way to have a year-round, on demand supply of valuable nutrients. Originally used to garnish gourmet dishes, microgreen sprouts have recently been adopted as a staple of vegan cookery.

Being used in everything from microgreen salads to micro-sprout smoothies, black oil sunflower seeds are brimming with top-quality vitamins and minerals. As one of the most popular microgreens for chefs, black sunflower seeds are often mixed with arugula, pea shoots, and beets to create delicious salads that, when infused with more powerful flavors like mint and pepper, can be a great addition to many recipes.

Another popular use of sunflower shoots is to blend them with flaxseeds, bananas, and strawberries to create a delightful smoothie that’s rich in potassium and magnesium. The combinations don’t end there neither, as the addition of ginger or lemon will add a detoxifying element to the mix.

Microgreens also mix seamlessly with healthy juices. Not only do they work well with classic orange or apple but they also compliment more complex tastes such as spinach or carrot.

By harvesting your own microgreens and growing sunflower sprouts, you have access to a catalog of unique flavor notes and nutrient-rich dishes.
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