Cleanest way to grow Microgreens – on reusable SILICONE MESH!!…(no soil)

Grow microgreens with just water at home … No Soil …No coco coir…No other mediums.. but with food grade REUSABLE SILICONE MESH MATS ..

No wastage, No mold, No fuss, No mess, No need for constant attention… you can grow them right on your dining table.

This is my innovation after a lot of experimentation! I am sharing my experiences to help you save time, money, and effort in growing microgreens at home in a more productive frugal way with reusable containers.

I chose a soil-less hydroponic method using Epsom Salt and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for healthy germination and growth.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Berry Bowls:

Silicone Mesh Pads:

Epsom Salt and Spray Bottles: You can find them anywhere..

Dollar Store containers: If you can’t find them, go with your own ideas…

If I can.. you can too..! Good Luck!

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