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Indian Microgreens dishes/ Microgreens Recipes in hindi /How to eat microgreens

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Indian Microgreens dishes/ Microgreens Recipes in hindi /How to eat microgreens

Dear Friends, Welcome to my channel GREEN SOCH. As we all know microgreens are more nutrient dense than their mature counter parts.In this video I will tell you about microgreen dishes:
– How to incorporate microgreens in our daily diet
– Why to grow microgreens at home
– In which form Microgreens should be used
– Are microgreens a magic pill

Microgreens have been a staple of health conscious consumers and culinary world for the last decade.
Chefs use them in fine dining restaurants to give extra pop of color and flavor to dishes.
Microgreens are super versatile food that not only gives nutrition, but also boost color, enhance flavor, and add texture to any dish. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly before use.

Microgreens can be eaten in several simple ways:
1. Eat them raw or stir fry

2. Add them to a rainbow salad and drizzle with a little lemon juice ,olive oil, grated beet roots and balsamic vinaigrette

3. Garnish breakfast dishes like noodles, uttapam, sandwich with raw microgreens

4. Add them to meals like cooked vegetables, dal, curry, sambhar, fish, chicken etc

5. Add them to raita, soups, stir fries

6. Microgreens may also be blended into smoothies or juices

Link to prior video with details:-
1.How to grow MICROGREEN for Beginners/Benefits of Microgreen/माइक्रोग्रीन कैसे उगाऐं

2.How to grow mustard microgreens (soil & soilless) /Health benefits /mustard microgreen recipe indian

Please watch: “MICROGREENS [Beginners]/Benefits of Microgreens(in hindi)/माइक्रोग्रीन कैसे उगाऐं ”


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