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How to use mung bean microgreens in recipes | Mung bean / moong microgreen soup and side dish recipe

Hello everyone!
I have grown mung bean/moong microgreens in three different ways without soil in four days. Mung bean/moong microgreens are packed with vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, and used as nutritional supplement, as flavour enhancer as visual enhancer in food. I have shown a healthy soup recipe and a side dish recipe in this video, which are low in calories, rich in fiber and useful as a weight loss recipe. Please watch the video till the end. Give a big thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and share my video with your friends, relatives and colleagues. Let them know about the health benefits of mung bean/moong microgreens and the easy ways to grow them a home without soil and prepare delicious healthy food easily at home.

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Dr Titil Datta Samanta


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The exact calorie content soup and side dish recipe are not known, but as the ingredients and the microgreens contain low calories, the recipe also is supposed to be a low calorie and rich in dietary fibers. So, the recipes can be contribute as a weight loss food according to my personal opinion. You may consult your dietician regarding the calorie content. Since it is not a food channel, the exact details and exact measurements of the ingredients are not given, you can add them according to your taste and requirement.

How to grow mung bean / moong microgreens without soil

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