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Growing microgreens only takes 1-2 weeks to harvest! So easy! #shorts #microgreensrecipe

I love microgreens! So easy to grow and quick to harvest.
They generally take 1-2 weeks from seed to plate depending on the variety.
I have so many varieties that I grow and will be detailing each variety in the upcoming weeks.

Check out my Instagram page @_thisgardenofmine_ If you have any particular questions let me know in the comments! Do you grow microgreens? What are your favourite varieties?

Please share with a friend and follow along for more microgreen growing fun!

You can get Microgreen seeds from @westcoastseeds (link in bio). Here’s a $10 OFF discount for your first purchase of $50 or more. Use this code at checkout: OPXVXG96

You can also get microgreens from @migardener. Use code THISGARDEN10 to get 10%

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