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Growing Broccoli Sprouts for Highest Sulforaphane ?

Wish I had known about sulforaphane earlier!

1. Wash 4 tbsp of broccoli seeds per quart jar with a drop of soap and a tbsp of vinegar. Rinse 10+ times to remove all soap.
2. Soak overnight (8 hours minimum) and discard the water.
3. Keep moist in a dark environment (like the pantry) by rinsing the seeds at least twice a day. Use a stainless steel mesh lid and stand the jar upside down (or at an angle) to drain excess water.
4. Rinse and repeat for 3-4 days. As soon as leaves shoot out of the majority of the seeds—they’re ready to eat! In fact, this is when they have the highest sulforaphane content, so freeze them if not consuming within a day or two.

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