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Growing 7 Day Salads: Harvest Microgreens for Profit Delivering Microgreens to Food Truck

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Information on how to sell microgreens for profit and how to grow microgreens. Nutritional benefits of microgreens as well as how to eat healthy salads and other healthy recipes. Microgreens equipment and how to set up a microgreens business using an indoor grow room. Vertical Farm Vertical Farming is the future of food and permaculture is obtained through the unlimited sustainable food loop discussed in my book. this parallels agroforestry and implements the gateway drug of homesteading through microgreens and chickens. This type of farming is a creative-therapeutic outlet that allows for self sufficient survival skills to be learned, practiced and obtained. sustainable farming methods are the only choice for feeding our population going forward. Indoor garden, indoor gardening and indoor farming is the best use of space to grow microgreens vertically. Also microgreens are great for urban homesteading and feeding your chickens microgreens. Studies show Urban Farming is becoming a lot more common

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