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Top 10 Mistakes When Growing Microgreens & How to Avoid them

John from visits City Hydro in Baltimore Maryland to share with you the top 10 mistakes you can make when growing microgreens and how to avoid them. You will learn from Larry, an expert Microgreens grower on how to grow microgreens successfully every single time in your home or for business.

In this episode, you will learn everything about microgreens you need to know to grow them without any problems. You will learn about how to avoid mold, what it looks like, how to water, how to grow the right microgreens, and much, much more.

You will learn from one of oldest microgreens farmers in the USA who has grown thousands of trays of microgreens in his indoor farm that is inside his house in Baltimore, Maryland.

You will discover how microgreens can be grown year round – no matter where you live indoors by controlling the proper temperature and humidity.

You will learn how to properly seed your microgreens in a tray so you don’t get root rot or dampening off disease and have to deal with pythium fungus.

You will discover how by using the right growing medium you will have an easy time of growing microgreens successfully

You will learn why using a FOOD SAFE plastic tray is important when growing microgreens and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
03:10 How has it been since I made the video?
03:45 Microgreens are the easiest Food to Grow
04:17 Mistake #1: MOLD How to Prevent it.
05:30 Humidity and Mold
06:18 What does mold look like on microgreens
07:10 Mistake #2: Root Rot – How to Avoid / Spreading Seeds Properly
08:38 Underseeding vs Overseeding a tray
09:19 Mistake #3: Confusing Root Hairs with Mold
10:17 What Root Hairs Look Like
10:44 How can you determine if you have mold or not?
11:40 Where does the mold appear?
12:10 What colors are mold?
12:46 If we eat the mold is it bad?
13:05 How to deal with mold
14:23 Mistake #4: Fruit Flies and Insects
15:05 How to get rid of fruit flies in the Grow Room
16:26 How to deal with fungus gnats when growing microgreens
17:17 Mistake #5: Watering too much or too little
17:30 How to Water from the top when in Germination
18:14 How to Water from the bottom after germination
19:15 How would you control water if using soil?
20:24 Your Finger is a Dipstick
20:36 Mistake #6: Keep a proper temperature and humidity
21:00 Proper Temperature and humidity
21:56 Running a dehumidifier and Air conditioner
22:57 Best Place to grow microgreens in the country
23:09 Mistake #7: Using the Wrong Growing Medium (soil/hemp/coir)
25:52 Some Grow Pads are Not Vegan
27:06 What can happen if you grow in coconut coir?
28:04 Problems with coconut coir
28:35 Mistake #8: Use the Right Seeds
29:50 Don’t use Treated Seeds
30:41 Don’t Use Cheap Sunflower Seeds
31:53 Mistake #9: Growing in Non-Food Safe Plastics
33:49 What is the problem of growing in non-food safe plastic?
34:45 Microgreen Trays that you only have to buy one that will last forever
35:12 Mistake #10: Grow the RIGHT Microgreens
36:50 The Easiest 3 microgreens to grow
37:20 Don’t grow the wrong types of microgreens
37:45 What kind of pea microgreens should you grow?
39:13 Final Comments and Tips for Growing Microgreens
40:00 There is always a way
40:30 How to learn to grow microgreens from an Expert
41:47 The most nutritious food in the entire world
43:12 Buy a GYG Tee Shirt to Help me make more videos

After watching this episode, you will learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make when growing microgreens.

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