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Here I am sharing some Ideas to include onion microgreens in your meal to make it all balanced.
Onions are commonly used for sprinkling over dishes & famous for its strong flavor.
They are rich in Vitamin A,B,C,E & minerals like Zn,Mg,iron,calcium,potassium & phosphorus, lots of amino acids.
To get this benefits Include them in your diet as they balance cholesterol levels & have lots of antioxidants.
Do wash before use and have them as soon as possible after harvesting. If you want chop them before garnish & you can also eat raw by adding them into Salad/Sandwiches/Wraps. So do some recipe experiment with ONION MICROGREENS and feel free to share.

Click on the link for Healthy Microgreens recipes

I have mentioned below link on how to grow Onion Microgreens easily at home:

Enjoy and Stay Healthy
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