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How to Grow Microgreens From Seed | What to Know Before You Grow

If you want to start growing microgreens from seed easily, then this is the video for you! Happy Leaf LED is here to help. Vic from Happy Leaf shows you the things you need to know and do in order to successfully grow your own at home. From seed starting and germination, hydroponic system setup, nutrient solution recipes, nutrient dosing, and timing, troubleshooting common growing problems, and harvesting your greens – it’s all here in this video guide.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Why Grow?
02:26 Grow Light
03:03 Nutrients
04:06 Trays
05:55 Demo
09:49 Cost Effective
11:09 Harvest / Taste Test
13:49 Outro

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Master blend 2 part – Check local hydroponics stores.
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►Grow Lettuce In Your Living Room:

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▶️What You Really Need To Know About Grow Lights.

▶️Grow Lights – How Much Should I Pay?

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Happy Leaf LED provides USA-made high-quality grow lights at consumer-level prices that are made to last and can work for a variety of plant growing needs. With a passion for educating others and passive hydroponic methods of growing, we provide a 5-year warranty and VIP customer service. Check out our website for detailed information on our energy-efficient products with a lifespan of 50,000 + hours

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