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How to Best Eat Microgreens for the Most Health Benefit

John from visits Addicted to Microgreens, a Microgreens farm in Las Vegas, Nevada to share with you the 3 healthiest ways to eat your microgreens.

In this episode, you will learn about the benefits of microgreens. You will discover how you can grow them indoors, year round. You will learn how you can have a never-ending production system that can grow a flat of microgreens a day for 8 square feet of floor space.

You will learn how many microgreens John eats, and how many you may want to eat to get the most health benefits.

You will discover the 3 best ways to eat your microgreens to ensure the least amount of nutrient loss before digestion.

You will learn why you should never blend your microgreens in a Vitamix or Blendtec high-speed blender.

You will discover how to preserve the most antioxidants when blending by blending under vacuum that can keep 2x-4x more antioxidants vs non-vacuum blending.

John will show you how to make a delicious blended microgreen smoothie and blended microgreen salad.

Finally, John will interview Avalon, the farmer about Addicted to Microgreens in Las Vegas and have her taste the microgreen recipes he created during filming this episode.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
02:05 Buy a GYG Tee shirt
02:33 Growing Microgreens Indoors
04:11 Rack You can Set up in Your Home to Grow Microgreens
07:15 Easiest Microgreens to Grow
07:45 Why grow microgreens instead of tomatoes
08:18 How Microgreens are normally Eaten
09:30 Why I’m here today to teach you about greens
10:30 Eat Microgreens as a meal
11:00 Best Way to Use Microgreens #1: Eat as a Salad
14:00 Chew Each Mouthful into a Mush
15:15 Best Way to Use Microgreens #2: Make a Vacuum Blended Microgreen Smoothie
15:45 Why You should never use a blender to blend microgreens
17:15 Best appliance to Process Your Microgreens: Vacuum Blender
19:17 Delicious and Nutritious Microgreens Smoothie
20:15 Why you should not use milk to make smoothies
22:45 Why you should add a small number of nuts or seeds to your smoothie
23:50 Blending in the Airfree Blender under vacuum
26:55 Comparing Blendtec vs AirFree Vacuum Blended Smoothie
27:38 Taste Testing Blendtec vs Airfree Smoothie
30:14 Update on the Blended Smoothies
32:04 Best Way to Eat Microgreens #3: Make a Vacuum Blended Microgreens Salad
33:05 Ingredients of Vacuum Blended Microgreen Salad
36:01 Always Harvest Your Microgreens right before you eat them
37:15 Harvesting a Whole Flat of Microgreens to Eat
42:15 Eating my Vacuum Blended Microgreens Salad
43:00 How to Best Minimize nutritional damage to your microgreens
43:42 Interview with Avalon the Microgreens Grower
43:55 Why did you get into growing microgreens?
44:15 How can someone buy your microgreens in Las Vegas?
44:30 What microgreens mix did I use for my
45:05 Vacuum Blended vs Non-Vacuum Blended Smoothie Taste Test
47:05 Taste Testing VAcuum Blended Microgreen Salad

After watching this episode, you will learn the best way to eat your microgreens to maximize their nutrition so you can get the most health benefits from this amazing leafy green vegetable.

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