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ADDING MICROGREENS (& micropurples)

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PLEASE READ: For those curious, the hot pink micros are Amaranth. We also have chard, purple and regular radishes, a cruciferous trio, peas and sunflower growing on our rack in this video. We are well aware that we aren’t washing these. There is no need for us to wash our own veganically home grown microgreens. We do not use animal products in our gardening (that’s where ecoli and salmonella live and come from), we use coconut fiber soil (not manure) and clean water that we filter. We also use hydrogen peroxide to clean seeds and we use sprouting seeds tested for pathogens (we get ours from True Leaf There are no bugs either, and we rarely get mold on our crops, if we do, we just avoid eating that area. It’s completely unnecessary to wash everything, we aren’t scared of some microbes, and we have never had an issue. We are mostly bacteria anyways, with 38 trillion living symbiotically with us. We know exactly how these are grown plus a little dirt is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. This world is over sterilized as it is….. Washing the thin little micros makes them annoyingly soggy and limp and they get everywhere. We really only concern ourselves with sprouts purchased from the store as we don’t know their growing practices. There sure is a lot of fear around washing sprouts but it’s really the cross contamination from animal products and animal feces that is the main cause and I’m sure just holding these phones is WAY dirtier than our home grown microgreens. That said, wash if you want or if you feel you need to. I’m certainly not saying that YOU don’t have to, just explaining why we don’t.

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