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Health Benefits

The New Superfood – Microgreens! Check Out These 5 Health Benefits of Microgreens!

Microgreens are young vegetable plants, that are about 2 to 3 inches tall. Unlike the sprouts, they have a few early leaves on them and require around 1 to 3 weeks before they could be considered a microgreen. Microgreens could be obtained from any vegetable plant, there are limitless options to choose from. But there are some families of vegetables that are more popular than the rest. These include the broccoli family, lettuce family, and garlic family. Depending on the type, their taste and nutrients can vary. The top five health benefits of microgreens are 1) they are highly nutritious and contain many minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, 2) they contain large amounts of antioxidants that can in keeping oxidative stress at bay, 3) they may be helpful for the heart, and could also protect against the Alzheimer’s disease, 4) they can help diabetes patients in lowering their blood sugar levels, by promoting cellular sugar intake, 5) they have compounds like polyphenols, that have anticancer properties. Microgreens are a top superfood. We hope you enjoy this video explaining microgreens and 5 amazing health benefits of these microgreens!

Antioxidants Video:
Oxidative Stress Video:

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