How to Grow Microgreens: Start a Microgreens Business

0:00 Where to Get Our Grow Kit www.growingfruition.com
0:33 Unboxing Grow Kit
1:38 Pre Soaking Microgreens Seeds
4:45 Planting Seeds in Soil
12:50 Weighted Germination Seed to Soil Contact
15:15 Black Out
17:16 Remove From Black Out Introduce Light
19:46 How to Tell if You Should Bottom Water or Not
20:58 How to Water Your Microgreens
22:08 Mature Watering
23:25 How to Identify a True Leaf on a Microgreen
24:08 How to Harvest Your Microgreens
29:50 Final Product + Marketing

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After Going Viral on Social Media I had to meet the overwhelming demand for teaching people how to get started growing and selling microgreens. I produced a product called the Grow Kit to supply the best applicable knowledge and understanding behind the concept itself as i possibly could.

This Grow Kit is designed to feed your family every week and launch your microgreen business from the moment it hits your doorstep! Why just eat microgreens when you can sell them? And why just sell your microgreens when you can eat them. EAT YOUR BUSINESS!

In this video i walk you through step by step how to grow and sell microgreens step by step. Unboxing the Microgreens Grow Kit, Soaking Microgreens Seeds, Planting Microgreens in soil, germinating microgreens without mold, how to get rid of mold growing microgreens, microgreens black out, what kind of lights grow microgreens, bottom watering microgreens, true leaf, how long does microgreens take to grow, microgreens grow in 5 to 7 days, how to harvest microgreens, how to know when miccrogreens are ready to be cut, microgreens packaging, how to sell microgreens, how to market microgreens, selling microgreens at farmers markets, how to sell microgreens to restaurants.

Its my mission help people learn how to grow their own food so they can become more self sufficient and less dependent on the corporate power structure. As a Millennial that has grown up with the genesis of the Internet I can provide a unique perspective to the skills of old. its time we start turning back the time and rediscover all the ways of homesteading, prepping, shtf prepping, bug out prepping, gardening, canning, how to grow a garden, how to catch fish, how to hunt, how to start a campfire, how to raise chickens and live off the land.

Its my goal to hedge against this age of commodity & connivence with all the skills that are slowly being forgotten that got us to this fast paced age of information and technology that seems to just steal away our precious time in life more than it benefits us as mankind.

if you would like to join my movement please start growing your own food, get a relationship with the Lord and fight back against the broken system that steals life force from us every chance they can.

When Money Disappears, Food will be the Ultimate Currency
-Tyler Blohm

Intro Music is Copyright free “Dominating” by Ray Aley on Story Blocks

God Bless

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