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How to grow your own Medicine & Food | Nutrition of Microgreens | Covid-19 | Build your immunity now

You could be eating food and medicine you grew in 5 days building your immunity stronger than Covid-19. Creation Family Farm Founder, Timothy Huffman, shares everything you need to know about Broccoli Sprouts which are rich in Sulforaphane.

Broccoli Sprouts = High in Sulforaphane! We believe being rich in Sulforaphane will build your immunity in 5 days! Continued immunity building can keep you safe from Covid-19 and can actually calm the stress response happening in your body! Sulforaphane is well studied to be anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and may even protect against aging and diabetes.

This means eating sprouts supports all of the mechanisms within your body that makes you stronger and smarter. This potent phytochemical is well studied for: When you chew and eat your Sulforaphane rich foods you promoting detoxification boosting the brain helping the body create cancer-fighting compounds supporting healthy heart function increasing glutathione as an Nrf2 activator promoting weight loss slowing aging by activating heat-shock proteins boosting liver function reducing inflammation and pain stopping and reversing hair loss.

The best part? You don’t need high-priced supplements to get this important phytochemical, we just need to eat certain veggies like broccoli sprouts.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

This is the food and medicine you want during this Covid-19 Disease! I am so grateful Timothy Hoffman shared his secrets, wisdom, and love. He loves humanity!

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Creation Family Farms!

Creation Family Farms is committed to providing our community with the nutrition of raw-plants and the benefits of green therapy.

FARM TOURS: Stop by our farm for a medicinal garden tour. Use all your senses as you explore a biodynamic oasis in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. See our living plants, taste the flowers, smell the fragrances, feel the soil and hear the birds sing. We welcome children, students, adults, the wise, and our gifted friends.

Schedule a tour today via email: info@creationfamilyfarms.com

Come find our locally-grown, farm-fresh food. It Starts with the Soil We understand that plants love nourishing food just as much as people do. We use a low to no-till approach to ensure our soil is healthy and thriving. Our soil was tested twice and placed in the nation’s top 10 percentile for soil quality. We have around 8 percent of organic matter in the soil. We have millions of earthworms and grubs. Our soil is teeming with a diverse array of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and arthropods. A diverse active population of soil organisms has four main benefits; nutrient cycling, enhancing soil structure, enhancing plant growth and controlling plant disease.

Creation Family Farms Selection of products:

Contact Information: Email: info@creationfamilyfarms.com
Primary Phone: (818)-251-0416 Secondary Phone: (818)-823-6641

We love you and are especially grateful to our Miracle Makers Academy Family! Your membership helps us create great content!

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