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How to harvest microgreens — it’s easy!


Follow along with Hannah Reid, aka @gingergrows1, as she shares her best tips for harvesting microgreens. Want a little more detail on this whole process? You bet:
? Different microgreen varieties will have different growing and harvesting timelines.
☀️ After 1-2 weeks of growing, your microgreens will be ready to harvest!
? You’ll need a knife or a pair of scissors.
✂️ Make sure whatever tool you’re using is clean and sharp.
? To harvest, cut the microgreens at their base, a bit above the surface of the soil.
☀️ This ensures that your greens will be clean of soil.
? Only cut what you’re going to use that day!
✂️ Microgreens will stay fresh longer if they’re still growing in their tray.
? You can use your microgreens in recipes, as a garnish, and even in smoothies.

Watch the full video for a step-by-step tutorial on growing microgreens at home:


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