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How to grow microgreens without soil | Hydroponic method

The hydroponic method – is a method of growing plants without soil.
In this video, we want to show you how easy it is to grow microgreens (specifically in this video we grow from radish seeds) without using any growing medium like soil, coconut coir, or paper towels.

1. Any microgreen seeds (seeds that are specifically
meant for sprouting)
2. Any container with a lid
3. Clean filtered water.

1. Prepare a container and filtered water.
2. Make a few holes in the both sides of the container or on the lid to increase airflow.
3. Spray several times with filtered water on the tray or container.
4. Sprinkle the seeds evenly, and ensure no large lumps of seeds or bare spots are there in one spot.
5. Spray the seeds several times with filtered water.
6. Close your container and store it in a dark place
for the first 5-6 days while they start to germinate and sprout. Open your container only to mist them every 24 hours.
7. After around 5-6 days relocate your container to a sunny area. You will notice that leaves turn from yellow to green in 1-2 days.
8. After 11-12 days most varieties of microgreens will be ready to harvest. Do not moisten the roots
the day before harvest.
You can cut your microgreens off at the base of their stems or eat them with the roots. In a second case before storing – dry fully the roots using paper towels.


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