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How to Grow Basil Microgreens on Reusable Grow Medium – Full Tutorial + Tips | Soilless Growing

? We’ve had so many people ordering our newest product the “Reusable Microgreen Grow Medium” from our website and we made a promise to our community that we would not only provide the best quality products that we can – but we want to make sure that y’all know how to use them too! That is why we are doing a series of “How To Grow Microgreens” for various crops specifically on our Reusable Microgreen Grow Medium, starting with Basil Microgreens!! We even show you how to quickly clean the stuck Microgreen roots off after harvesting so that you can reuse it again and again 🙂

Basil microgreens are a lovely addition to use on top of food such as a Yogurt Parfait with Berries and Honey or on a Caprese Salad. You can even make an amazing Microgreen Basil Pesto!! Their flavor is also nice and Basily! If you’re looking for how to grow Basil microgreens on Coco Coir or Soil then please check out our other video that is specifically for that type of grow medium, and if you want to learn how to propagate your adult basil plants be sure to watch our other video too!

How to grow Basil Microgreens on Coco & Soil ➽
Propagate Basil with OTG & Rick Smith Jr. ➽

**TIP – remember y’all – as the weather gets colder, germination rates and growth times may start to change on all of your trays! That’s completely natural, so don’t get discouraged if that happens to you! Keep those babies warm (but not too warm) and make subtle changes to your grow to accommodate the cold! ?‍?

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