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Why Microgreens are good for you | Health Benefits of Microgreens | Microgreens Nutrition

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We are getting lazy, doing no outdoor activity because we do not feel energized. Kids who are under development stage they are not bothering to come out of that mobile friendly zone. We are addicted to Pizza, Burger, Fries etc food which is not local. So just having them because your taste buds loves is not a good thought. We are so into this unhealthy lifestyle that we didn’t realize that how much it caused damage.

So it depends on how much you care and how far you can go for your health.
Some tips
* Do any physical activity regularly for at least half an hour
* Do experiments with recipe which bores you
* Boost immunity with all nutrients from Mother Nature Source

We always feel depress when we hear ” HEALTHY ” word & some random pictures comes to our mind like eating all day leafy vegetables, Strict diet, Vigorous Exercise & constant reminder of all precautions.Its time to Switch Unhealthy lifestyle with Healthy one.
*Take your Time and solve issues one by one.
* Do not start exercise with the hard one
* Be consistent , Believe in your self and Do not Quit
While switching with Quantity, Quality also matters. So if you are reducing portions in your plate then also understand eat food with extra nutrient supply.
With microgreens benefits comes into picture that its not disturbing your routine. It actually making your dish more tasty and valuable as they are rich in minerals , vitamins and lots of Antioxidants.
0:00 Intro
0:30 Unhealthy habits & their effects
2:43 Problems while transitioning
4:43 Microgreens & their importance
8:04 How to proceed
9:18 End

In this video I tried to cover answers of Below questions
* Why should you adopt healthy lifestyle?
* Why microgreens are good for you?
* Why there is need to microgreens?
* Why should you grow microgreens?
* What are microgreens and How to grow microgreens?
* What are the Health benefits of microgreens?
* What are the nutritional values of microgreens?
* How to start growing microgreens at home?
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