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Microgreens, Microgreens nutrition, growing Microgreens, sulforaphane, broccoli sulforaphane, Health

Microgreens, Microgreens nutrition, growing microgreens in winter, sulforaphane, broccoli sulforaphane

We can all grow microgreens even in very small apartments. We grow broccoli microgreens all winter long for the amazing health benefits of sulforaphane which is an amazing phytonutrient. I will have a link to some nutritional information on our website below.

I show you the system we are using to prepare the seed flats, soak the mix, seed the flats, and I’ve created a time-lapse video section on the microgreens growing.

Thanks for watching, Feel free to comment and ask questions and please share the video with your friends and colleagues.

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Our Website:
Link to the nutrition info for Broccoli sprouts and microgreens:

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