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Recipes with Broccoli Sprouts and Broccoli Microgreens

Recipes with Broccoli Sprouts and Broccoli Microgreens
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No longer just a garnish for gourmet dishes, this microgreen is easy to incorporate into every day meals.

Organic broccoli sprouts have a distinct nutty, spicy flavor that has been likened to the taste of radishes. Their texture is akin to other microgreens: stringy, with a nice crunch.

This dainty superfood makes a delightful addition to your favorite salads and sandwiches. It pairs well with deli meats and makes a great substitute for iceberg lettuce. Try topping your avocado or smoked salmon bagel with broccoli sprouts for a simple upgrade.

Another popular broccoli sprout recipe involves mixing them into dips for a healthy boost. Next time you make guacamole, salsa or hummus, throw in some raw, chopped broccoli sprouts for a splash of color and extra depth of flavor.

In order to reap the full nutritional value of broccoli microgreens, it’s best to eat them raw, as cooking them will denature important enzymes. If you are a fan of oriental dishes such as stir-fries or curries, you can still harness the many health benefits of broccoli microgreens. Just add a handful to your plate after the frying is done. It adds a spicy punch.

If you’re not too fond of the taste of broccoli sprouts, try blending them into your favorite smoothie. This will disguise the taste but still release substantial broccoli microgreens nutrition.

The possibilities for broccoli sprout recipes are endless, you can add them to pretty much any of your favorite foods for a nutritional punch.

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