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54. Wheatgrass recipes | Smoothies and salad | Microgreens series | Ep 2

Here are some wheatgrass recipes that you can try at home using freshly cut wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass has many health benefits and you can grow it easily at home

My video on how to grow wheatgrass indoors without potting soil:

You can make smoothies and salad using home-grown wheatgrass.
Here are the links if you want to go to a specific recipe:

Green Wheatgrass Detox Smoothie: 0:00:09
Banana Wheatgrass Smoothie: 0:01:58
Wheatgrass Salad : 0:03:01

Microgreens series
How to grow wheatgrass at home without potting soil:
Wheatgrass smoothie and salad recipes:
How to grow Indian holy basil (tulsi) at home:
How to grow mung bean microgreens at home:


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