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Microgreens – Does Adding Nutrients Help!? – Purple Broccoli – On The Grow

????Today CJ has a new experiment where we compare adding nutrients to growing microgreens against using only tap water to grow microgreens…

In this video we grow four trays of broccoli microgreens on Terrafibre, which is a Hemp Grow Mat, and we seeded this grow medium with 25 grams of seed per tray. All 4 trays went through the exact same germination process, but some germinated slower than others. Those trays that germinated slower, we made our nutrient group and watered them with a Hydroponic Nutrient called Ocean Solution 2-0-3. Since they were already behind on growth, if they were able to catch up, it could show that adding nutrients to their water can increase the rate of growth.

????We’ve heard people say that adding nutrients to microgreens doesn’t provide them with any benefits… we think the results speak for themselves and we even gave water a a heads start in growth…… ????

✅Let’s just say it turned out how we expected…but how big of a difference was it!?

**Be sure to check out ALL of our other Hydroponic Nutrient experiments on our YouTube Channel – we even have some Soil Additive videos too**

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