How to Grow Microgreens from Start to Finish (COMPLETE GUIDE)

This is the most comprehensive guide on how to grow microgreens I have ever produced. Follow along as I take you from seed selection and planting ALL the way through the growing process, including some tips on how to harvest, store, and use microgreens in your kitchen.


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0:00 – Common Microgreen Questions
2:17 – Materials and Planting
8:21 – Seeds That Require Soaking
16:03 – Germination Phase
17:30 – 3 Day Checkup
18:52 – Light for Microgreens
23:00 – 5 Day Checkup
24:27 – 6 Day Checkup
27:44 – Harvesting Wheatgrass
29:43 – Juicing Wheatgrass
31:25 – 7 Day Checkup
33:20 – Harvesting Microgreens
39:30 – Storing Microgreens
40:45 – Final Thoughts


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