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How To Grow Microgreens COMPLETE Guide: Setup, Soil vs Hydroponic and Without Soil plus Recipes

Growing microgreens at home is easy! Follow along our seed selection, growth comparison, simple tutorial, and cooking tips. This complete guide will help you understand how to grow microgreens indoors, including:
→ The types of microgreens
→ How to pick the best varieties of microgreens
→ Different growing strategies (with and without soil aka hydroponically)
→ Step-by-step microgreen grow guide from start to finish
→ Which microgreens will grow back after cutting
→ Tips and simple recipes with microgreens

Further Reading:
– WHAT ARE MICROGREENS? geturbanleaf.com/microgreens/what-exactly-are-microgreens-anyway/
– TYPES OF MICROGREENS? geturbanleaf.com/microgreens/different-types-of-microgreens-where-to-start/
– HOW ANYONE CAN GROW MICROGREENS: geturbanleaf.com/microgreens/how-anyone-can-grow-microgreens-at-home/
– BENEFITS OF MICROGREENS: geturbanleaf.com/microgreens/benefits-of-microgreens-its-not-the-size-that-counts/
– COOKING WITH MICROGREENS: geturbanleaf.com/microgreens/how-to-use-microgreens-in-your-salads-smoothies-snacks-and-more/

SHOP MICROGREENS: geturbanleaf.com/product/microgreens-starter-kit/

00:00 – Introduction to Microgreens Masterclass
00:22 – Video Overview
00:50 – Types of Microgreens
02:49 – Soil vs. Hydroponic
04:08 – Day 1: Microgreen Set Up
05:22 – Day 3: Remove Lid
05:46 – Day 4+: Microgreen Harvest
06:54 – Cooking with Microgreens
08:09 – More Resources on Microgreens

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