How to Grow Microgreens Without Soil – Daikon Radish Microgreens Time Lapse

How’s it going everyone? Oscar here and I’m back with another delicious time lapse video for you to enjoy; hold on tight because we’re riding the microgreens trend with growing your very own health-packed microgreens right at home! Specifically, we’re taking a look at how I like to grow radish microgreens with NO soil at all!

I love to grow microgreens in water because it saves me quite a bit of money on soil, even though no soil ever really goes to waste as long as I’m around! Regardless, if you’ve never grown your own microgreens before, it is quite easy to do and I’m here to show you one of the ways that you can go about doing so; you can use this video as a general guide to how to grow radish microgreens without soil at home and you can also apply the same principles to growing with a soil medium! This is a daikon radish microgreens time lapse, but this method will work with any other radish variety as well.

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▶ The Microgreens I’ve Tried & Those I Love:

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▶ Chapters:
0:00 FateWorks Farms Intro
0:04 Reservoir Setup
0:33 Sowing
0:53 Hydroponics Radish Microgreens Time Lapse
3:22 Hydroponics Radish Microgreens’ Roots
3:38 Hydroponics Radish Microgreens Harvest
4:12 Photos
4:20 FateWorks Farms Outro

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⇢ Night Snow – Asher Fulero

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