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Cooking with Microgreens | Gluten Free & Vegan Creamy “Alfredo” Pasta

Cooking with Microgreens | Gluten Free & Vegan Creamy “Alfredo” Pasta Topped with Homegrown Microgreens. This super quick and easy vegan pasta recipe is gluten free, creamy, and healthy, AND it takes less than 20 minutes! It’s an excellent way to add some fresh, home-grown microgreens into a yummy pasta dish. It is dairy free, soy free, plant based, and gluten free, yet so delicious! With less than 10 ingredients and less than 20 minutes, you can make this easy vegan recipe at home. Many of the ingredients you will already have in your pantry! If you are looking for a dairy free, vegan, and/or healthy take on a creamy Alfredo sauce, this will do the trick! I also took advantage of the microgreens that we had growing and topped off the pasta dish with some fresh microgreens!

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We’re Jenn & Chris. We are millennial homesteaders on a small plant based hobby farm and modern homestead in Upstate NY, where we focus on sustainability, loving on all our animals, and enjoying wide open spaces. We’re in our mid-twenties, balancing full time jobs, and also trying to share our lives with you along the way. Thanks for joining us for this video, we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

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