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Alfalfa Sprouts Recipes

Alfalfa sprouts recipes. Best seeds from Todd’s Seeds, click here:
Growing alfalfa sprouts at home can be an inexpensive way to access vast nutritious microgreen benefits. Adding crunchy, organic flavor to meals, alfalfa sprouts are already widely popular in oriental dishes and are fast becoming a welcome addition to many kitchens the world over.

Add alfalfa sprouts to a hearty summer salad and top with fresh herbs and a tangy dressing to create the perfect snack for warmer seasons. You can even toast the sprouts in the oven for up to two minutes to give them an extra-crispy texture.

The nuttiness of alfalfa sprouts makes them a perfect ingredient for vegan cookery, with chefs using them to add texture and flavor to meals. If you’re cooking alfalfa sprouts, for example in a stir fry or soup, make sure to add them in at the very end to prevent wilting and preserve crunchiness. They do not need any more than 30 seconds.

Alfalfa sprout sandwiches are another excellent way to incorporate the microgreen’s distinct taste. Combine tender alfalfa sprouts with tomatoes, fresh basil, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Layer onto whole wheat bread or wraps, with lettuce and mustard for a healthy lunchtime meal.

However, recipes for alfalfa sprouts aren’t limited to solids. Many health-conscious people are adding the super green to their favorite smoothies and juices. One popular combination is an infusion of the full-bodied taste of alfalfa herbs with the bursting fruitiness of strawberries.

Regardless of how you do it, cooking with alfalfa sprouts can elevate simple dishes and keep you full for longer, preventing impulsive snacking.
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