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Microgreens are becoming more and more popular these days. Micro-greens are not a special variety of plants; they are simply the seedlings of some herbs and vegetables. Microgreens are a nutritional powerhouse and studies have proved that they are 5 – 10 times more nutritious than their fully grown plant.

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In this video, I am showing you ‘2 Healthy and Tasty Recipes using Microgreens.’

Microgreen Thoran
Microgreens-one bowl full
Grated coconut-half cup
Jeera(small)-quarter tsp
Green chilli – one
Egg – one
Small onion – 3 to 4
Garlic – 2 pieces
Turmeric powder – quarter tsp
Chilli powder – quarter tsp

Preparation Method:
Properly wash and drain the microgreens, chop it
Crush small onions, coconut, jeera, chilli and turmeric in a mixer
Take a pan, pour some oil and splutter the mustard and add the chopped garlic
Please be careful not to burn the garlic, now add chopped greens,add the crushed mix, add required salt,…don’t over cook the greens,if u do so the nutrition in it will be lost
Now add the egg and scramble, add chilli powder give a proper mix
Our Microgreens thoran is ready.

Green Smoothie
Microgreens- one bowl
Banana( frozen)-1
Apple( frozen)-half
Lemon -half slice
Dates( without seed)-5

Preparation Method:
Into a mixing jar add in all ingredients with little water and blend well
Add required amount of water into it and enjoy.
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